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Did you know that the history of frozen food goes as far as the ancient times? The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew that evaporation of water could be used as a cooling method. At first they would use natural caves in winter time, as they were dry and cool, to store food for limited periods of time. Then they learned how to extend the storage even into summer months, by lowering the temperature with natural ice and snow brought from the mountains!


Today we know that frozen food is not only convenient, but also healthy and versatile. Freezing is actually one of the best means of preserving foods such as fish, meat and vegetables.


Nowadays consumers place a lot of emphasis on fresh food, and rightly so. But just how fresh is the food we buy, especially if our groceries come from a supermarket? It often takes a few days minimum for food to reach the shops’ shelves, and another few days for it to reach our tables. In the meantime, the quality of foods such as fish can decline from the time it is caught. Freezing it within hours of a catch locks in the nutrients.


Meat is equally a highly perishable product. During the freezing process meat is frozen without any prior treatment, as a consequence little or no loss of nutrients occurs.


The temperature of your freezer plays a big role in making sure that the quality of the food in it is preserved. Generally a good rule of thumb is that if your freezer can’t keep your ice-cream brick solid, the temperature is not low enough.


While storing food, it is important to use proper packaging (foil or containers designed for that purpose), as otherwise, if the packaging is torn or develops holes, freezer burn may develop. A lot of the products sold by Heavenly Foods already come individually vacuum packed not only for convenience, but also to help lock in the goodness in them.


It is always a good idea to label all freezer food with the date, the type of food and number of servings.


Frozen Food Storage Guidelines


Chicken purchased from us can be stored for up to one year. Bought fresh in shops should be used within 6 to 9 months. Cooked chicken leftovers – 4 to 6 months.


Fatty Fish, like our Heavenly Foods Salmon, can be kept in the freezer for up to a year. Otherwise, Salmon purchased in a shop can be frozen for 2 to 3 months.


Lean fish like Cod purchased from us can be kept for one year, purchased from shops will last up to 6 months. Cooked fish leftovers – 3 months.


Ground meat (beef, lamb, pork) purchased from us keeps for up to one year.


Roasts, steaks and chops can be kept frozen for at least half a year. Leftovers for 2 to 3 months.


Happy Freezing!