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As Autumn draws to a close and Winter beckons we find our customers return to the their favorites every time.Breaded Goujons for those busy kids and Chicken Kievs.Our wonderful Salmon as convenient and healthy as ever is back on their menus. Our NEW Spicy Mixed Chicken is proving a hit Southern Fried Fillet, Lemon Kiev and Chilli Chicken all in the same box.
There are lots of new products to choose from so be sure to contact your distributor or contact us here at Heavenly Towers and we can direct a distributor to you.

If you need to contact a distributor in your area please feel free to contact our Office directly at 090 6486054 and our staff will be delighted to put you in touch. Be sure to enquire re- our new products when they call


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Each changing season brings new demands. Our range of “fresher than fresh” fish and plain Irish chicken, lamb, duck, pork and beef products are chosen to cater for all occasions!
Here are a few suggestions to help you get you in shape for Life:

1. Always leave the table a little bit hungry

2. Have 80% alkaline and only 20% acidic diet

3. Try to have one salad meal every day at which you do not eat meat protein or carbohydrates

4. Stay active – this is the best way to eliminate the toxins from our system!


A classic for any season. This simple Atlantic Seabass recipe is a wonderful alternative to steak or meat , is easy to prepare and fits right in as a healthy option for the Summer. Enjoy!!!

Pan fried Atlantic Seabass

You will need:


1 x Atlantic Seabass portion per person ( one between two for starter option). 1 x jar of Thai green curry paste. Your own choice of noodles, rice or salad . A little butter and oil for frying.
The method:
Defrost the Seabass fillets in your fridge overnight in a bowl or on a plate. Retain the stock from defrosting to use in the sauce. Using a sharp knife score the skin of the fillets two or three times making sure not to cut all the way through. This will stop the fish curling up on the pan and ensure an even cook.
Heat your pan adding the oil and butter. Allow the butter to malt. When the pan is sizzling place your Seabass fillets skin side down onto the pan and allow to fry for 2-3 mins before turning and frying flesh side down.
While fish is frying combine 2-3 teaspoons of the Thai Green Curry paste with the stock you have saved ensuring that it remains runny. Drizzle some of the sauce ( 3-4 spoons) onto fish on pan. When warmed through serve on bed of noodles or rice or with a simple green salad. ENJOY!!!